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Vedic Ghee 500ml
Due to high nutirional value and medicinal benefits of Gir cow vedic ghee,it is highly recommended to pregnant women and children. Our cows love to graze in open pasture,freely walking around and rest under Neem trees in healthy fresh air.

Gir Cow breed is the finest breed among Indian Desi Cows.It is highly adapted to high temperatures and is characterized by a fatty hump,dewlap{hanging fold of loose skin on the neck} and the rounded back part where the back meets the legs.
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Health Benefits of Vedic Ghee:

01.Ghee is a vital food for healthy skin,mental clarity and better digestion
02.Cures Ulcers,constipation and promotes healthy eyes and skin
03.It is also used for treatment of burns and blisters
04.Safer alternatice for lactose intolerant
05.Easily digestible source of Saturated fat that contains NO Transfats or Hydrogenated fats
06.Has anti-cancer and Anti-viral properties
07.Rich with anti-oxidants acts as aid in absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods and strengthens the immune system
08.Strenghtens Body Muscles and Joints
09.Increases intellectual power,memory and balances the mind and enhances brain function
10.Slows the progress of many types of cancer and heart diseases.
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