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Golden Matcha Instant Green Tea Powder
You’ll see why drinking this green tea is a ceremony in Japan. Golden Matcha is the better green tea. It is crafted from the nutrient-rich juice of fresh green tea leaves. A product of ancient Japanese wisdom and modern science, this antioxidant powerhouse has twice the amount of polyphenols as regular green tea. Guess what, it tastes great too!
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We select fresh green tea leaves, in their seasonal prime. They are ground, dried and packed within hours of being handpicked. This creates a delightful young tea with fresh green flavours that instantly dissolve into a heady brew of golden goodness. Golden Matcha retains twice the amount of natural antioxidants as regular green teas. With a flourish, we did away with tea-bags, strainers, kettles and spoons. Use our handcrafted Bamboo Cha-shaku to add a small scoop of Golden Matcha to a cup and top it with hot water. It’s that simple – no wait, no mess and no fuss! Our handy extruded aluminium tube packaging ensures that Golden Matcha stays fresh and you get to enjoy over 100 cups of healthful, wholesome 100% green tea.

Golden Matcha is a green tea powder which dissolves instantly in water, milk or liqueur to make the drink of your choice! It can also be infused into desserts for its special tea flavour and distinctive shade of gold. Try it in Swiss rolls, cheesecake, pudding, ice cream or mousse. This on-the-go pack serves over 100 cups of green tea and contains zero calories.

Ingredients: 100% green tea powder

Usage: Scoop out a measure (0.5 g) of Golden matcha using the handcrafted Chashaku. Add it to a cup and top it with 150 ml of hot water. Relish a refreshing cup of Golden Matcha green tea

Storage: This product comes in a convenient Aluminium tube. Store in a cool, dry place
Weight 50 g
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