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Sri Krishna Chakravarthy, Founder of Healthy Needs greets you. Healthy Needs aims at SWASTH BHARAT through Preventive Approach rather than Reactive Approach, which is prevailing in most parts of the country. Our goal {Swasth Bharat} being challenging and complex can only be achieved through collective efforts of one and all. Towards this, we conduct uniquely designed health awareness programs like "Preventive Health Awareness Program", Omega 3 Awareness Campaign, Health Pledge in Govt Departments, Corporate companies, Universities, Colleges etc., 

We intend to continue this drive to reach every nook and corner of the country to fulfill our social commitment. 

Our Products:  

Keeping in view of current health situation, where adulteration exists in every walks of life, our products are considered as necessities of good health. Consumption of these products ensures good health by effective shielding against the major diseases like Diabetes, Cardiac, Cancer, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Obesity etc.,.